lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

The worries of Mr. Right

I thought that the arrival of Obama to the White House would mean something in relation to Latin America. Not so. Its occupant is worried about the latest arms spree of Hugo Chávez's. Why should he worry about a possible arms build-up in Latin America when his own country is continuously building up its fire power? Well, just a question of tradition. The country of Mr. Right has been doing as he pleases along a century and a half in the Hispanic world, and doesn't like the idea of having any conceivable resistance in case they decided to put things in the right place, as so often has happened. The list would be endless: between the invasion of Mexico (keeping half of it) and the invasion of Granada there were momentous undertakings as the Filipino genocide, the occupation of Cuba and Puerto Rico, the conquest of Guam, the separation of Panama from Colombia, the interventions in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, the financing of civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador,  the (again) invasion of Panama, the organization of military coups in Chile, Argentina, Brazil etc...etc...etc...And they say they are worried!
Sorry, Mr. Right. It's us who are worried. We all know that your worries are very worrisome indeed.

domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

Torturing the poorest

The Spanish press tells us today that the European Union is not happy with the way things go in Afghanistan. Apparently a change of strategy is badly needed, and a Mr Bildt from Sweden suggests that the war on opium, the raw material from which heroine is extracted, be intensified.
As anybody knows, cultivation of poppies is the only profitable production Afghan peasants can undertake. But alas, the money they make will line the pockets of Taliban wardlords, hence the need to bombard their fields.
I'm only waiting that so sensible a policy be implemented in Europe itself. The Spanish government should blitz every firm in the Basque country. It's no secret that terrorist organization ETA gets the money from them. Southern Italy should be thoroughly sheltered. The Mafia, the Camorra and else wouldn't be able to make any money. USA, Britain and Sweden...hmmm, countries that produce such an awful lot of evil idiots, ought to be wiped out from the map of this world!